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Welcome to The International Academy of Matsumoto! It is our desire to create a culturally diverse environment in which students are encouraged to communicate openly and honestly, motivated to pursue their passions, and encouraged along the path of a lifelong love of learning.

IA Preschool

Our multi-age grouping creates a dynamic early childhood learning environment, where students develop independence and leadership. More than simple reading, writing, and basic arithmetic, students have the freedom to explore classroom materials with all five senses. Individual and small-group lessons allow students to extend their learning beyond traditional expectations. Read more...

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IA Afterschool Programs

Our after school programs are an extension of our Morning Montessori program. Children who come and study with us in the mornings can extend their learning experience late into the afternoons. Children who attend other schools during the daytime are also more than welcome to join us!

Students have a variety of options for continuing their learning exploration, be their desires academic, cultural, physical, or in the visual or performing arts.

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IA Adults

At IA Matsumoto, we understand the challenges facing adults. You're busy. You have stress at work and at home. But you still want to improve yourself. IA Adults is here to help. Whether it be our fitness programs, computer classes, or foreign language classes, IA Adults has what you need to fit your busy lifestyle.

Our classes are designed to increase your abilities without stressing you out, making learning and getting better an enjoyable, pleasurable experience.

All of our IA Adults instructors are certified experts in their field, with years of experience teaching all levels of students. So please, take a look at what classes best fit your life and your dreams, and let IA Matsumoto help you find a better tomorrow.


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Special Events

Travel the world without ever leaving the city!

Join us each month basis as I.A. Matsumoto holds special events to introduce a variety of new cultural activities to the community. Our special events range from cooking (for children and adults) to sports, celebrations of foreign holidays, and sometimes even just enjoying a unique meal together with family and friends.

Drawing from the talents of the entire Matsumoto community, I.A. Special Events are designed to open new opportunities and possibilities to you, and provide you with the chance to meet new people, try something new, and expand your cultural horizons.


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