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This week, we celebrated Tatsuki's 7th birthday with a Montessori Birthday Walk and chocolate peanut butter bars. Happy Birthday, Tatsuki!


Summer Camp 2016


IA Matsumoto is pleased to announce the open enrolment period for our annual summer camp! Camp will be held during the week of August 1st through 5th, 2016, from 9am to 3pm. Space will be limited, so please reserve your place early to guarantee participation. The following are a few of the activities we are planning:

  • Exploration of many forms of visual and creative arts.
  • Day trip to a private community centre in Alps Park for a special art project.
  • Day trip to Horigane-Hotaka Alps Park.
  • Day trip to Komagane Parasol House of Love.
  • Baking from scratch—cakes, breads, pizza, etc.

. . .and more!

Please note: There will be no Afternoon Learning Lab during this time. Following Summer Camp, I.A. Matsumoto will be closed for summer vacation until August 28th.

For inquires and other details please contact us by phone or using our
contact form.

Looking forward for a wonderful Summer Camp full of new experiences and fun!!!!

Today's Activity

Taking care of aquatic life in our classroom


Today's Activity

Waste not, want not!


Today's Activity

Salt-crusted Japanese yellowtail: just studying a little marine biology before enjoying our lunch!


Today's Activity

We had so much fun making ghost lanterns today! Many thanks to 松本城・三の丸倶楽部 and all the participants!!!


Today's Activity

Learning about the Shinto summer purification ritual at our local shrine

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Today's Activity

Eid Mubarak! Ramadan is now over, so let celebrations begin!
Wishing a Blessed Eid al Fitr to Muslims all over the world!

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