Almost 1st grade


The TownJoho newspaper of Matsumoto, had an article (Almost 1st. grade) about the different local preschools and their students that are graduating this year.

In this occasion Director and Founder of IA Matsumoto: Karen Ricks, appears together with one of our great students.

Matsumoto Newspaper Interview


The local Matsumoto newspaper had an interview with the Director and Founder of IA Matsumoto: Karen Ricks. In the interview she talks about her background as Montessori student in her early years, how she moved to Matsumoto and her dream of build her own Montessori school.

Christmas Party 2013

Gingerbread Houses - Winter 2013

At The National Nature Museum of Shiojiri


Last December 28th after our Ski event at Shiojiri, we stopped at the local National Nature Museum of Shiojiri. This a little museum apart from show the local nature of Shiojiri area also have a dedicated space for kids with a huge variety of wooden toys.
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