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IA Matsumoto: Afterschool Programs

Our after school programs are an extension of our Morning Montessori program. Children who come and study with us in the mornings can extend their learning experience late into the afternoons. Children who attend other schools during the daytime are also more than welcome to join us! Students have a variety of options for continuing their learning exploration, be their desires academic, cultural, physical, or in the visual or performing arts.


Move your hips and stomp your feet! Come dance with us!

Regardless of the culture, location, time, people have always expressed themselves through dance--using their bodies to communicate feelings, to express joy and pain, even to tell stories. In the I.A. Matsumoto dance program, our students explore a variety of styles of dance, from hula to American tap dance, all set to different types of music.

Starting with simple movements, each child will advance in speed and complexity of steps and rhythms at his own pace. They learn the grace and flow of dance, allowing them gain confidence in their bodies and in themselves.

In dance class, students can expect to gain strength, balance, coordination, and an appreciation for different styles of music and world cultures, all while having fun and enjoying the rhythm of the dance beats.

Class meets Monday afternoons.

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Learn to read, sing, and perform a wide variety of music styles from around the world!

Perhaps no other form of art is more world wide, nor enjoyed by more people, than music. Music forms the tapestry of our everyday lives, from the simplest clapping beats to the most complex vocal harmonies and intricate orchestration of symphonic music, perhaps no other form of art is so immediately tied to human emotion than music. Music can make us laugh, it can make us cry, it can inspire us, and it can remind us of almost any event in our lives.

Karen's background in gospel, along with jazz, soul, classical, and Broadway-style music allows her to help students find their own inner voices, regardless of the genre that best speaks to their hearts. Her enthusiasm, professionalism, and love of music is easily passed on to all of her students in this fun class.

Class meets Wednesday afternoons.

Learning Lab

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Our Learning Lab is an afternoon extension of our Morning Montessori program.

Children from all over the city can come together to expand their academic and cultural horizons in our multi-age learning environment.

Students will have the opportunity to continue their freely chosen work, delving even more deeply into their studies.

Older students solidify learned concepts by teaching the younger students. Younger students have the ability to learn and advance at their own pace, requesting assistance or guidance from our multicultural staff and students as needed.

Class meets Tuesday & Thursday afternoons.

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A fun mix of English and sports, basketball aims to teach children the rules and skills of basketball while learning the basics of English structure and vocabulary.

Classes will mix in English vocabulary and speaking with the drills and skill practice of basketball to allow students to engage not just their bodies but their minds in a fun class.

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A fun class that teaches the basics of body movement and gymnastics, tumbling helps children learn balance, coordination and strength while moving their bodies in a relaxed environment.

Classes will also teach children “kinesthetic awareness,” or knowing how their body is positioned in space, making them more graceful and less prone to injury in other activities.

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Martial Arts

Coming from Japan, going to America and Brazil before coming back to Japan, our martial arts program has many influences.

We combine the best aspects of Kodokan Judo, American Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and (for older students) Muay Thai boxing to create an all around effective martial arts class that reflects a more open, realistic approach to the idea of “budo.”

Children’s classes are taught focusing on safety first, so no dangerous techniques are taught in the beginning. Classes will be conducted in both judo gi-type clothing, and no-gi environments, so students will be requested to purchase a judo gi after a certain period of time.

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