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IA Adults

At IA Matsumoto, we understand the challenges facing adults. You're busy. You have stress at work and at home. But you still want to improve yourself. IA Adults is here to help. Whether it be our fitness programs, computer classes, or foreign language classes, IA Adults is designed to fit your busy lifestyle. Our classes are designed to increase your abilities without stressing you out, making learning and getting better an enjoyable, pleasurable experience.

All of our IA Adults instructors are certified experts in their field, with years of experience teaching all levels of students. So please, take a look at what classes best fit your life and your dreams, and let IA Matsumoto help you find a better tomorrow.

English Conversation Class

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With international connections being a larger and larger part of the global picture, English has become the most important international language. Whether it be for tourism, business, or study, English is the accepted international language in many countries around the world.

Using our friendly, communications based approach, IA Matsumoto's program is designed to let you improve your English level with native speakers in a fun, friendly atmosphere. David, our senior teacher, has 7 years experience teaching English in Japan, and has worked with students ranging from beginners to near-native level speakers.

He has helped numerous students pass the EIKEN level 1 exam, as well as helped students achieve a TOEIC score above 900. With years of teaching and professional experience, David can help you achieve any desired English goal you have.

Our classes use a mix of real life and cultural education based lessons to give you a view of the English speaking world.


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FIT-PLUS is a unique, brand new idea in Matsumoto, looking to combine the benefits of job focused English education with sports and fitness teaching to provide your company with assistance in multiple key areas.

FIT-PLUS is a unique, brand new idea in Matsumoto, looking to combine the benefits of job focused English education with sports and fitness teaching to provide your company with assistance in multiple key areas.

Personal Fitness Training

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• 1 on 1 (or small group) instruction with David Varnes
• Personally designed workouts
• Workout printout so you can track and understand on your own as well
• English instruction with demonstrations
• Priority of usage for fitness equipment during appointments


Martial Arts

Coming from Japan, going to America and Brazil before coming back to Japan, our Jujitsu program has many influences.

We combine the best aspects of Kodokan Judo, American Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and (for older students) Muay Thai boxing to create an all around effective martial arts class that reflects a more open, realistic approach to the idea of “budo.”

Adult classes will be conducted in both judo gi-type clothing, and no-gi environments, so students will be requested to purchase a judo gi after a certain period of time.

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Stress relieving, fun, and competitive, our kickboxing class focuses on a mix of Muay Thai style kickboxing and American boxing, allowing students to fully train in striking using every option their body allows. Muay Thai allows use of what is called the “eight limbs” of the hands, feet, elbows and knees to give lots of options to a fighter.

While workouts are meant to be tough, they are not meant to be punishing, with almost no fighter contact allowed until fighters have a strong base of skill.

For students who want to relax and have a good workout, there is no fear of head or body injury from punches and kicks, making kickboxing a fun, stress relieving way to enjoy fitness.

Fitness Training Access

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  • Access to weight training and other materials of the gym.

  • Can use facility when not in use by other classes or appointments.

Training Articles by David

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